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System Overview- High mast lighting is typically used with light towers that are over eighty feet in height. A high mast lighting system consists of 3 components: Light Tower, Lowering Device, and Luminaires.

Lowering Device- The Lowering Device is the heart of a high mast light system. The lowering device allows the luminaires to be lowered to ground level where they can be serviced without the use of aerial equipment. The lowering device consists of a winch, mast head and luminaire mounting ring. The winch is mounted inside the pole at the base. It is operated by a portable drive motor, or a permanent mounted motor. The mast head is mounted to the top of the pole and includes all of the cable pulleys and docking mechanism to facilitate the lowering, raising and latching. The luminaire ring can accomidate from 2 to 12 luminaires. The ring has a junction box for the wiring and power distribution to each luminaire.

Application- The markets served include roadways, truck and bus terminals, railyards, ship docks, airports, prisons and other industrial and commercial applications. Any location that tall light towers are required, high mast lighting is a safe and economically sound solution.

Retrofit Systems- High mast lighitng installations started in the 1970's. Many of these early lowering devices have reached the end of their service life and require replacement. Atlas offers retrofit lowering devices which are designed to fit into existing poles. This allows the customer to re-use the pole and foundation, saving thousands of dollars by not having to buy a complete replacement system.

Custom Application- Atlas has designed and engineered custom lowering devices for applications other than lighting. These include: Camera mounts, wind shear detection, and other custom applications.

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